Our Story

At Ventray, we understand the importance of healthy food, great cooking experience, and feeling good about nourishing your body and soul. We wanted to take one step further, providing the same kind of love and support to new moms and dads. With Baby Grow Processor, we want every family to be able to nourish their baby with freshly made baby food in a few simple steps with one machine that can do it all.

What We Believe

We believe that every parent wants to give the best to their baby, and Babygrow is here to make that wish come true. We are moms and dads ourselves, so we know, we understand that it is not easy being a parent. We promise to be a supportive friend and to simplify your life by making your baby’s mealtime a lot easier.

We promise to give our best quality by using the safest material in our products (BPA free). We are committed to improve and innovate, to bring new appliances that will ease your everyday living no matter what lifestyle you have. At the end of the day, a happy, healthy baby means the world to us.